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About us


We recently changed our name from EasternBoho to Home & Loom.

Originally from opposite sides of the world, Emma from Australia and Farhad from Afghanistan, we created Home & Loom ( EasternBoho used to be) in 2016 inspired by our love of global handicrafts and cultures.

Our aim is to bring part of the beauty and intrigue of the East to your home.  Every piece from our shop has been carefully curated by us from some of the most exotic and beautiful places in the East. Each piece has a unique story and has been entirely or partly hand-crafted by local artisans from some of the most remote parts of the world. 

We are looking forward to sharing our love of Authentic handicrafts with you and we hope you find something here to suit your home and bring you joy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Farhad and Emma

Home & Loom